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The Background:

Extreme Teams is an event concept created and owned by Zing Event Management. After creating Zing's website, we were asked to use that website as a framework to create a separate site for the Extreme Teams event concept.

The Challenge:

Using one of our existing sites as a framework for this site meant that the important challenges of structure and navigation had already been overcome. This allowed us to focus on the styling and messaging of the site, creating a look and feel that successfully reinforces the Extreme Teams branding.

The Solution:

The final website works well as a sister site of Zing Event Management, while also standing alone to explain the Extreme Teams event concept and present images from previous events and testimonials from happy clients.

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"Delighted with the stylish design. The Leaflets create a professional image instantly, thereby giving clients confidence in my professionalism and service. Everyone, but everyone, is so impressed with the Presentation Folders. Thank you so much!"

Lesley Nash, Funeral & Ceremonies Celebrant