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IFA Centre

Branding & Logo Design

IFA Centre is an exciting new trade body for Independent Financial Advisors. We helped them to define their new company's brand values, followed by creating a unique and recognisable logo for the new company that communicates and reinforces those values.

Black Frame Productions

Branding & Logo Design

Black Frame Productions are a video production company that create high quality video for a range of clients. Click here to find out how we created a logo for the new company.

In Your Pocket Books

Branding & Logo Design

In Your Pocket Books are a publishing company that produce guides to key cities. The guides are designed to be carried 'in your pocket' and are therefore easy to use and carry with you when exploring a city. Click here to see how we created a new logo for the company.

Trafalgar Way

Branding & Logo Design

Trafalgar Way is a cycling event, created by Zing Event Management, that follows the historic 'Trafalgar Way' from Falmouth to London. Read on to see how we cleverly combined a number of concepts into a simple and effective logo.

Andover Vision

Branding & Logo Design

Andover Vision is an organisation that aims to improve the lives of people that live or work in Andover. We were asked to re-brand the organisation, with the aim of not only refreshing their image, but creating a strong, modern and recognisable identity. Click here to find out how we did it.

Extreme Mental Adventure

Branding & Logo Design

Extreme Mental Adventure (EMA) is an adventure race concept created by one of our existing clients, Zing Event Management. Click here to find out how we created a striking and recognisable logo for the concept.

Zing Event Management

Branding & Logo Design

Zing Event Management offers events and training to companies taking part in, or wishing to organise, team-building, adventure races and events. Read on to find out how we create an energetic image that reflected the energy of the company.

SR Toomer & Co.

Branding & Logo Design

SR Toomer & Co. are a young, dynamic and modern firm of accountants. When creating a brand to represent the company, we had to strike a delicate balance of a fresh look combined with a feeling of trust and re-assurance. Click here to find out how we did it.