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Brochure Design

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Whether your company brochure is simply presenting information about your business, cataloguing your range of products and services, or introducing an exciting new venture, it should be giving all the right messages to your customers or prospects.
From the layout style to the choice of colour, paper weight to print finishes, we pay attention to the details to create a stunning brochure. Read on below to find out how we ensure any brochure we create presents your company in the best possible light.

All shapes and sizes...

We start all brochure projects by discussing the reason for creating the brochure with you, including the specific job the brochure needs to do. Only once we understand that, can we make recommendations on how best to present the information. This includes deciding on not only a visual style for the brochure, but also the shape, size and even the style of paper that best suits your needs.

Attention to detail

By really understanding our clients business, their goals and their customers, we can create a consistent feel to everything we create for you. In brochure design it's the little details that really matter. Whether it's the choice of colour or typeface, the tone of voice in the words, the choice of paper or the size of the brochure, when skilfully combined, they all combine to create just the right feeling for your customers.

A complete service

We can manage your whole brochure project for you. We can look after the project planning and pagination, write the text for the brochure, photograph your products or source images, obviously design and even print the brochure. The hardest part for you will be choosing which design you like the best.

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