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Branding & Logo Design

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The branding of your company is critical to its success. From your company logo, choice of typeface, company colours or even tone of voice, every element of your brand should be carefully considered and coordinated to give the right image to your company.
Our branding service ensures you'll get a brand that you'll love, but more importantly, one that communicates all the right messages to your customers.

Your target market:

Before we start any project, but particularly a branding project, we work hard to understand your target market. Doing this enables us to understand who your brand is aiming to communicate with, and start to reveal the messages that should be communicated.

Your messages:

The messages that your brand portrays have an effect, both on a conscious and a sub-conscious level, on your customers and their actions. From the style of logo and the feeling it gives to the choice of colour or typeface, all elements should be carefully considered to reinforce your brand values.

Our processes:

We employ proven processes to ensure that we create the right brand for you and your customers. We start by listening, researching and analysing. Only then can we begin to create your new brand. We then work through a number of design stages, at each phase reviewing, discussing and refining the options.

How much does it cost?

Our branding service starts at £695 and can include items such as: Full colour logo (both positive and negative versions), Greyscale logo, Black only logo, White only logo, choice of typeface, colour palette and favicon design. We can also create brand guideline documents to ensure your brand is consistently applied wherever it's used.

How long does it take?

The branding process can take as little as two weeks, although we would always rather spend a little longer on a project and create something great than rush a project and create something average. We ensure you're involved in the process from start to finish, ensuring you're 100% happy with the end result.

Are we any good?

We like to think so. To see some examples of our branding service simply click on one of the projects below, or to see some of the kind things our clients have said about us, simply take a look at our Testimonials section.

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