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Exhibition Banners

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When you attend an exhibition or event, you only have a few seconds to attract the attention of the attendees. The design and style of your exhibition banners are crucial to attract attention and customers.
Whether you're promoting a special offer, a new product or simply trying to attract customers to your stand, the design and quality of your banner can make all the difference.

Banners tailored for you

When designing banners for our clients we ensure, as with all projects, that we have a clear understanding of your business, your offering and your target market. This allows us to tailor the design and style of your banner to best communicate your messages and values.

Size does matter

No matter what people may say, when attending an event or an exhibition, size does matter. We can create simple 2m x 85cm pull-up banners, or more complex 3m x 3m pop-up exhibition stands. We can even create custom graphics for your stand if required.

Design awareness

We don't just design a banner or stand without knowing how it's going to be used. By understanding how and where it's going to be used, we can place the key information in positions that will gain maximum visibility. Simply click the button below to get a quote for your project.

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